Story Corner

Welcome to our newest addition – “Story Corner.”

Here you can listen to stories and poems read by a host of talented local actors. This week, join us for some beautifully read poems by A.A. Milne (of Winnie the Pooh fame). So grab yourself a cup of tea and a biscuit, put your feet up and allow yourself to be transported back to simpler times!

Contents and Artists:

Buckingham Palace – read by Alice Ann Price
The Little Black Hen – read by Edd Hall
Rice Pudding – read by Raelene and Delilah Sichmeller

Disobedience – read by Terry Fishman

Us Two – read by Karen Sonnenschein

King John’s Christmas – read by Allan Hunt

The King’s Breakfast – read by Debbie Price

The Dormouse and the Doctor – read by Travis Winterstein

Sneezles – read by Jenna Scanlon
Binker – read by Corey Roberts
The Island – read by Allison Chase Williams
Two Times – read by Kevin Whittaker
Vespers – read by Vivien Latham
Halfway Down – read by JPaul Zimmerman
The End – read by Kaelia Winterstein